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“Every Diamond is different – that’s why they are so valuable. Don’t try and be the same” – Fainaaz – Director of Careers at Ecare Careers

1. Hard Worker 2. Quick Learner 3. Good Communication

If you are trying to impress in a job interview – Do not use these skills

I have personally worked with hundreds of students and professional candidates. Even if I like the student at first glance and the interview is going well, as soon as the student says, : I am a hard worker, Quick Learner or I have good communication skills – they have lost my interest as they have said what every other student has said to me.

Let me explain to you why these skills don’t impress me. International students have a really hard start in Australia when it comes to gaining their first job. Along with language barriers and cultural skills, the lack of industry experience are all major factors for many students failing in the Australian job market. So when you finally do get an interview, its so important that you MAKE A HUGE IMPACT in a very short amount of time.

I meet hundreds of students to conduct their mock interviews for internships and when students use these skills, it shows me they are no different to all the other students. If you are one of these students who is thinking of doing an internship, getting some interview advice or getting a new job, then you must think about how you can show that you are different. Think about it like you would a diamond. If every shop only sold one diamond ring design, so everyone was forced to wear the same ring if they wanted a diamond, it will lose its value. A diamond is a diamond, but the most desirable diamonds come in different shapes, different carrots and also when you become specific, you see all the different details – that’s what makes them valuable. The little key difference. One the surface, diamonds may look similar but it’s the rare details that put them in demand.

If change your mind set to this type of thinking, then it changes how you view your skills and how important it is not to use the general skills.

Let me give you some advice – instead of saying,” I am a hard worker” you can use “ I am highly motivated and I love a challenge. I feel that when I am challenging myself, I learn more and I can also deliver more to my team” BANG! Youre saying the same thing but you are sounding more professional. You are making a clear statement while also showing more positives. You are being specific, showing all your finer details…like a rare diamond.

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