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Industrial Design Student | How I successfully found internship of non-popular major within two week

Student's profie: Zheng, graduating from UNSW without relating working experience

I am graduating soon by the end of this year, but I still haven’t got any work experiences yet, this makes me very anxious. Gaining work experiences is very important for me, whether I am going to work in china or in Australia. However, it is very difficult to find an internship opportunity of Industrial Design in Sydney, not mention to find one in such a short time.

I got to know about Ecare from my girlfriend. Since my major is not very popular, I just added their contact with a try attitude, didn’t give much hope to them. It was completely out of my expectation that there happened to be one employer looking for interns in the field of Industrial Design. The Ecare No.8 Secretary called me immediately with huge enthusiasm, she asked some of my personal information and provided me some information about this company. I thought about this rare opportunity for two days and decided to sign up for their internship program. Then the Ecare team asked for my resume immediately and arranged an appointment for tailoring my resume. A few days later the company asked for my portfolio. With the help of Ecare, everything went very smoothly. I received the interview invitation from the company within two weeks. After the interview, the employer was very satisfied about my profile and would like to offer me this position. I was informed that I could start my internship in the next week.

It was only a few weeks from me adding Ecare secretary’s contact to me starting my internship. Thanks to the whole Ecare team, especially the great help from the patient Ecare secretary. I am very happy to receive the first major-related job in my life. As a freshman graduating from university, I hope my future career could be all the best.

To find a satisfactory internship for our students in a pragmatic, fast and efficient manner has always been our Ecare’s working style.

Our high reputation in industry is established through each of our real success stories.

Many students came to us from their friends’ introductions.

Find out more information on the latest company positions by talking to one of our kind secretaries.









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