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Its important to understand that everyone wants the best of everything…however to want the have to be the best.

When it comes to internships, many students have the wrong view. They see the big companies, brand names and fancy offices. They see these opportunities as the “best”. I can see the attraction of these types of companies but, let me ask you, ARE YOU THE BEST? Having worked with many banks, commercial companies and international companies, I can confidently tell you that the recruitment for these organisations is not easy. So, are you setting yourself up for failure? The answer is yes. But, there is hope. You can invest in training to develop your interview skills and also practical skills. You can still try and interview with these companies but you may still fail the interview. So do you just give up? NO!

My advice – When I work with students, I try to get my students to think differently. For example instead chasing the best, why don’t you BE the best and have these companies fight over you?

How can that happen? Experience. Gaining industry experience is the most desired skill in the Australian job market. In Australia, your experience will always be more valuable than the company name.

Sometimes your first experience might be with a large, well known company but if you have any type of local industry experience, you will automatically be more attractive for these companies having experience than not having any at all.

Experience gives you many advantages including

· Industry related experience · Industry contacts, referrals and references · Local Australian experience · Sets you apart from all the other graduates · Demonstrates your understanding of the job · Enables you to be more attractive and employable · Gives employers trust in your skills · Dramatically improves your confidence in an office environment · Helps you develop more professional communications skills · Gives you an opportunity to interact with co – workers in a local company









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