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CPA Premium Course
Global Strategy and Leadership

Course Overview

The Australian CPA is an abbreviation for Certified Practicing Accountant. The Australian Institute of Accountants was founded in 1886 and is one of Australia’s largest professional groups and one of the world’s largest accounting professional associations. Australian Certified Public Accountants serve in various institutions, including small businesses, large enterprises, transnational investment companies, and government and private property agencies. Australian CPA positions include: chief financial officer, forensic accountant, international accounting expert and large accounting firm staff.

This course will be divided into seven parts according to the CPA exam program; they are: Ethics and Governance, Financial Reporting and Disclosure, Strategy Management Accounting, Corporate Strategy and Leadership, Advanced Taxation, Risk Management, Advanced Audit and Assurance. The purpose of this course is to analyse the content and test points of the CPA subjects in an easy-to-understand language to help students improve their efficiency, save time and effort. The course draws on our many years of experience to summarise the common mistakes of test-takers. Students are coached on learning methods that will help them comprehensively understand the content covered in each chapter of the CPA textbook.

Sydney | Melbourne | Online


(Revision Workshop Included)

4 Hours * 5 Sessions

CPA Revision Workshop (Included in Premium Course)


Course Structure

Session 1

• CPA module 1: An introduction to strategy and leadership
• CPA module 2: Understanding the external environment

Session 2

• CPA module 3: Understanding the internal environment
• CPA module 4: Product and market development

Session 3

• CPA module 5: Developing the strategic plan
• CPA module 6: Strategy implementation
• Multiple choice Questions

Session 4

• CPA module 7: Leadership and decision making
• Case study

Session 5

• Brainstorm and Pre-release case preparation

Course Length

5 weekend study, 20 hours in total


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