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Q: Please briefly introduce yourself about what have you studied.

A: My name is Alex. I studied in Macquarie University. I got a degree in professional accounting.

Q: What is your main reason seeking help at Ecare? How was your first meeting with Ecare?

A: As I just graduate from university, I have no experience in finding a job in Australia. Ecare helped me a lot in getting a chance to an internship interview.

Q: Have you tried looking for jobs before you approaching Ecare? How was the job hunting journey?

A: I tried to send my resume on Seek and I got no response. It is hard to find a job or even an internship without training.

Q: As a student with solely academic background, do you think there is a gap between university student and job market? How do you overcome it?

A: Of course there are gaps between universities to job market. So it is different between doing the exam and assignment with the work. I think it is necessary to get training and  knowledge of some industry environment from Ecare.

Q: Do you consider professional training helpful? For example, what you have learnt in Ecare? Are they relevant?

A:  Yes. Professional training tells you what to do, what situation you face. It is different from what you learn in university. So I think it is necessary.

Q: What have you learnt in your internship that supports you to find the full-time job? Are your colleagues supportive? How do you find working in team vs individually?

A: In the internship I learnt how to work as a team, like what the environment Australian local office will be like. These experiences help to find a job.

Q: Can you tell us about your team?

A: My team has 8 people, they are all local people. They like to teach and help me and share some experience with me.

Q: What made them think that you are the right person for the job? What made you stand out? And how did you prepare for the interview?

A: I prepared well in the interview, like described my skills and experience in the Chinese internship, so I think that made them think I am the right person.

Q: Could you please our students some tips on job seeking and preparation for the interview.

A: For job seeking, you have to recall all the company you have sent, to check the information on the official website. Get more information from the official website. Get more tips from Ecare and prepare yourself according the job requirements.









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