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Advanced Practice Course
Financial Modelling and Dashboard

Course Overview

This course is a high-level upgrade course for corporate accounting

in Australia and New Zealand.

Day 1:

• Advanced chart
• What makes good/bad chart?
• Select the correct chart for your data
• Creating and formatting high-impact charts for business
• Case: Using 100% stacked chart to show development capital movement
• Case: Using waterfall chart for profit analysis
• Case: Using Bullet chart to evaluate performance against budget
• Case: Using Bubble chart for market analysis
• Case: Using combo chart to show cost and profit trend
• Case: Using column chart to show different source of income
• Case: Using cluster column chart to analyse product sales
• Case: Using bar chart to report sales trend
• Dynamic reporting techniques
• Use form control for interactive report
• Use data validation for interactive report
• Use excel formula Offset, index/match, choose, indirect for dynamic data selection and manipulation


Day 2:

• What is financial modelling
• Model design
• What makes a good or bad financial model
• Best Practice in Financial Modelling
• Case 1: Corporate Management reporting model
• Cleaning your data
• Build database for dynamic management report
• Format your way to visualizations
• Give user an interactive interface
• Case 2: Project evaluation model
Evaluate project feasibility with IRR (Internal Rate of Return), NPV (Net Present Value) and the payback period


4 Hours * 4 Sessions

Corporate Accountant Development Package:

Advanced BA/MA+EXCEL Advanced+SAP for BA/MA+Two-hour One-to-one Service

(Bonus: 50%Off Workshop Voucher)


Save $400

Course Length

1 weekend study, 16 hours in total


Further Information

The course is designed for

• The people who have 1-2 years Australian local working experience

(commercial and industry field), eager to improve professional skills.
• Previous EcareCareers Assistant Accountant students,

who have knowledge of business process and procedure.

Financial Management Accountant | Cost Accountant | Senior Financial Accountant

| Finance Analyst | Business Analyst

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