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Advanced Practical Course
Self-Managed Super Fund

Course Overview

Due to the completion of super fund industry in Australia and New Zealand, it is accurately saying an ever increasing number of people in choosing SMSF, in which means, current workplace requires more employees in functioning SMSF. Fund Accountant is classified as the senior level accountant in public practice area and also, is a high earning position.

The SMSF course is designed by experienced super industry professionals. The aim of this course is to provide students with a fundamental knowledge of the establishment, operation and management of an SMSF. Ecare’s super fund industry professionals designed the SMSF practical course that will: provide real-life cases analyses, provide a simulated working environment and devote the notion of practical training to a completely new level.

In addition, Ecare also adopts the most useful software that uses in super fund: BGL Simple Fund. In order to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of personnel hiring, most enterprises expect employees to have prior knowledge of practical techniques of BGL Simple Fund. Therefore, the ability of using BGL Simple Fund software will provide the advantage in seeking for the jobs.


Sydney | Melbourne | Online


4 Hours * 4 Sessions

SMSF Career Development Package:

Advanced SMSF+EXCEL Advanced+SAP for All-rounder+2-hour 1-to-1 Service

(Bonus: 50%off Workshop Voucher)


Save $198

This course is a high-level upgrade course for Self-Managed Super Fund

in Australia and New Zealand.

Course Structure

From classroom to office.

Session 1 – Introduction to SMSF and SMSF Setup

• New Fund Setup and setting up a new fund in system
• Trust Deed and Members
• Individual Trustees and Corporate Trustee
• Complying Superannuation Fund
• Apply for a TFN/ABN
• Set up a Bank Account and Creating a new fund ledger
• Investment Strategy
• Input Fund Details, Address and Contacts
• Setting up Joint Trustees
• Input of Reporting, Adviser and Member Detail
• Preparing a Trail Balance
• Processing current year bank transactions

Session 2 – Fund Administration

• Adding a New Bank Account
• Deductibility of Expenses and Adding New Expense Account
• Dividend Reinvestment
• Accrued Distributions
• Investment Disposal
• Updating Security Price
• Concessional Contributions and Non-Concessional Contributions
• Excess Contributions Tax
• Deductibility of Expenses and Adding New Expense Account
• Creating Year-End Entries
• Preparing a Year-End Trail Balance, Financial Accounts, Investment Reports and the SMSF Annual return

Session 3 – Investment

• Input a New Investment
• Input a New Term Deposit
• Purchasing units in a managed fund
• Add new Real Estate Property Account
• Investment Cost Base Adjustments
• Dividend and Distribution Re-investments
• Bonus Shares
• Return of Capital
• Consolidation and Demergers
• Limited recourse borrowing arrangement

Session 4 – Tax Related Transactions and Member Transactions

• Record Income Tax Installments
• Record prior year Income Tax paid/refund
• SIS Levy
• Member Contributions
• Preparing a Section 290-170 Notification
• Government Co-contributions
• Record a superannuation rollin
• Commencing a superannuation pension
• Transition to Retirement Income Stream
• Account Based Pension

Session 5 – Pension

• Write back of Tax Effect Accounting
• Create Entries to Update Member Balance
• Transferring Benefits to Unrestricted Non- Preserved
• Changing Member to Pension Mode
• Minimum Account Based Pension
• Pension Payment Standing Journals
• Prepare Pension Documents
• Recording Exempt Income
• Review Actuary Percentage
• Commutation

Course Cycle

4 weekends study, 16 hours in total


Further Information

The course is designed for

• Students equipped with solid accounting knowledge or previous internship experience
• Who interested in super fund but lack of relative working experience
• Accountant who know BGL software and want to improve it
• Students who want to get a job in public accounting firms

SMSF Client Service Officer | SMSF Intermediate | SMSF Accountant

| SMSF Consultant | SMSF Manager

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